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Welcome to my homepage, I have finally settled on a proper design that I think will blend nicely with its WWII theme. I am still in the process of creating and uploading the basics, so you will see a lot of placeholders and links that go nowhere at the moment.

There is something fascinating about WWII no matter which point of view you adopt. I am neither condoning nor denying the horrors of war, and in particular the previously unseen crimes against humanity that were committed, especially by the Germans and Japanese, but to some extent, by all major participants in the war - at least by today's standards.

But I have mostly adopted a different point of view - to me WWII is a vast collection of captivating tales of extraordinary feats of countries and individuals alike.

Germany and Japan, that took on the rest of the world and very nearly won, or individual soldiers fighting with such a courage and determination that their enemies recommended them for medals.

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And as you might have already guessed by the name of this domain, my favourite fascination is that of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, which for a time stood alone as the defenders of democracy, against an apparently unbeatable opponent.

The best way that I have found to treat this fascination, is to play it out and see if I can achieve similar extraordinary feats.

On this page I have picked out four of my favourite games, two "ordinary" games, and two computer games. The section on Flames of War, is by far the biggest and most informative.


The most recent addition to my WWII addiction, and by far the most time consuming and expensive. Flames of War is a miniature game that allows the player to command company sized armies with abundant support on a table. It is much more than just a game, it is a hobby in itself, with building, modifying and painting the armies, being just as captivating to me as the game itself.


Krieg! was the game that really started my WWII addiction, and as such it is still a special game to me, even though I do not get around to play it much. I like it for being a complete WWII game at a tactical army size level, with abstractions in the strategic level, which allows for the rules to be fairly simple. It also removes a lot of the book-keeping similar games struggle with.


This is one of the most accessible tactical level WWII RTS games, with good and fun multi-player options as well as an excellent single player campaign, which mixes historical accuracy well with Hollywood movies. Of course Opposing Fronts is my favourite expansion, and has offered a lot of inspiration to my Flames of War armies.


The only true WWII Real-Time Strategy game for the computer, this game-series let you play any nation you want, with or against friends or AI. And you control everything including politics, research, industrial production, diplomacy, espionage and of course the armed forced on land, at sea or in the air.